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I used to be able to write - type right into the text area on the update page on LJ - and get something out. It would rarely be coherent, but at least I could get out some of what I wanted to say. Unfortunately, I have a cluttered mind, and it creates untidy texts.

This clutter has got worse. Today I find myself unable to type out any of what I want to speak of.

If I could, I would talk about ninety year old recordings. I would talk about story telling in the recordings.

I would talk about a more recent and more vulgar Hyderabadi comedy sketch that I know of as "Mamu ki Naak". I would talk about how I first happened on it, and what it means. I would talk about the absence of more recording in the same vein.

I would talk about why I once read everything Gladwell used to write, back in the days before his first book. I would talk about how, for me, he worked better through magazine essays than through books. I would talk about my initial bias against Michael Lewis, and how he seems to work so well for me. I would talk about the pleasure of reading Errol Morris.

I would talk about finally reading Darwin and Smith, and how they are quite unlike what I thought they would be. I might also talk about finally re-reading Alice and Holmes after years and years, and hating it.
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